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The time has finally come…

It has been a long time since I last updated my website. I know it is bad…

Like many out-of-date websites, the main reason why I did not update my website frequently is because I did not have a system or facility which allows me to access to and update my website easily. It is actually quite frustrating. Anyway, for a coincident, a client at work has requested their website to be built in a contents management system (CMS) and powered by WordPress. Therefore I sent myself to a WordPress online tutorial to learn about how to build a website via WordPress and now here I am. I built my first CMS website powered by WordPress!

The concept behind my new website is clean, simple and user-friendly.

Something about me

I work as a graphic and website designer at a design company called Design One. I have started to work at Design One since Monday 18 January 1999 and it is my first permanent job after I graduated from university. Before I joined Design One, I was living in Stockport with my family.

I enjoy reading, writing, gardening, social networking on the internet, music and movies. As well as my professional interest, I am very much interested in typography, photography and interior design. I also enjoy travelling. I have travelled extensively throughout the world. I believe these have contributed to my design diversity and lateral thinking, also a cultural understanding of how design is interpreted by different nations and races.

I am interested in stamps. I have been collecting stamps for good few years now. Recently, I have also started to collect old coins and banknotes. It is an interesting way to learn about history.