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Nightmare before Christmas…

Posted on Sunday 3rd December 2006

I have had an Audi A4 for some years now, the car itself is lovely to drive but the dealership is pathetic and crap!!

The latest problem I have with the dealership is I took my car to an Audi Centre twice to try to fix a temperature gauge, in both ocassions the centre failed to locate the fault and fix the gauge. It was unbelieveable and ridiculous! …read more

I am famous!!

Posted on Wednesday 23rd August 2006

One of my clients at work holding a golf tournament at his hotel. The tournament lasts 3 days, 22-24 August 2006. And it involves with lots of professional and famous golfers. There is one golfer who I would like to meet very much and he is called Robert Rock. I managed to meet Robert before his match this morning and take a couple of photos with him. It’s a shame that one of the two photos turns out blurred. …read more

Je apprends le français ici

Posted on Friday 21st July 2006

I have been learning french since the beginning of June. The process is getting slowly but I have managed to learn saying some basic things in french. I am learning french from several different sources. The main one is the Pimsleur French Langauge Program which is very good and strongly recommended. Besides that, I learn some from Linguaphone, Michel Thomas and the BBC language website. I know it will take sometimes but I hope I can speak and write proper french one day soon! Wish me luck!

The Tank Man

Posted on Sunday 4th June 2006

I was watching a programme called The Tank Man on cable channel last night. It is about the mega protests which happened in China between April and June 1989. As the title of the programme says, there was a scene of a guy who stood in front of a military tank. The scene was captured by a western photographer. Many people found this man was very brave, they have been asking who this man is, is he still alive or has he been executed? …read more

Journey to Far East
(19 March – 7 April 2006)

Posted on Sunday 23rd April 2006

Three weeks of annual leave are finally done and dusted. 🙁

I visited Hong Kong and also went to Japan for 4 days. It was a great experience to visit Japan, especially as it was my first time in this beautiful country.

I wasn’t too sure about going to Japan at first. The idea only came to me just a week before I set off for Hong Kong with my parents. …read more