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Time goes by so slowly…

Posted on Saturday 8th December 2007

It’s not long before I kick off my far east tour 2007/08. I am getting very excited about the tour. I don’t know what (adventures) I am going to get from this tour. In a way it’s pretty scary, I will travel to Singapore, Penang and Beijing on my own. The only knowledge that I have got about these places is my travel books. I hope it’s gonna be fun!

While I am off to the far east, Christmas is on its way too. This year, the theme of my Christmas cards is ‘Snowflake in Colour’. …read more

Around the Far East in 30 days

Posted on Sunday 13th May 2007

I have finally booked my flight to Hong Kong in December 2007. I will leave the UK on Friday 14 December 2007 and return back on Sunday 13 January 2008 – 30 days in total.

While I am visiting in Hong Kong, I would also like to visit some nearby countries, so I am now planning some short trips in some Far East countries. At the moment, the countries that I have got on my list are: Singapore, Maylasia, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, China and Hawaii. …read more

Rip off on eBay

Posted on Friday 13th April 2007

I believe many of you have sold or bought things on eBay, and while some of you have found a good bargain, the others have ended up with nightmare and headache…

My latest bad experience from eBay is that I have won an auction for a mobile phone memory card on Thursday evening 12 April 2007. On the auction, the postage cost was shown £4.99 so I thought I could offer something upto £25.50 for the card itself. …read more