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The Huff Cap in Alcester,
what an odd place to dine!

Posted on Wednesday 12th October 2011

I found this country pub/kitchen/smoke house by accident online and thought it would be nice to have a night out there on my birthday. I booked a table for 9.30pm via toptable.com. A couple of hours later, I received a phone call (voice message) from Top Table saying my booking has been confirmed, but Top Table also added that I will need to arrive at the Huff Cap at 8.30pm as well. I didn’t quite understand what that was about, so I rang the Huff Cap in Alcester directly to find out what was going on. …read more

Steve Jobs and his memory

Posted on Thursday 6th October 2011

Steve Jobs

It was the Autumn 1993, I was first introduced to use Apple Macintosh by my college. I heard of Apple computers a lot in the past, but I never had a chance to discover what it was like. And soon I had my first experience with the machine, I deeply fell in love with Apple Mac. …read more

Once a liar, always a liar

Posted on Monday 19th September 2011

A postman tried to deliver a ‘sign for recorded’ letter to me on Thursday 15 September 2011, but I wasn’t at home, so the postman put a collection card through to my letter box to ask me to collect the post at a local depot.

I went to the local depot on Saturday morning to collect this mystery ‘sign for recorded’ letter. As soon as I saw the hand writing on the front of the envelope, I knew who sent me this post. …read more

eBay’s pathetic action and policy

Posted on Wednesday 14th September 2011

Few years back, I bought some items from a Louis Vuitton store in Birmingham. Then on Sunday night (11 Sept), I decided to sell the carrier bags which came with the Louis Vuitton purchases. I listed one carrier bag to start with on the eBay site, just wanted to see how it goes. Then next morning I received a message from eBay to say they have removed my listing. I was well shocked and angry! …read more


Posted on Tuesday 30th August 2011

This article was originally written by Yu Chun Tat.


收藏了英鎊有段時間, 希望可以把自己對英鎊的認識和大家分享一下, 如果當中有錯露的請指點和多多包容. 如果大家對英鎊, 甚至蘇格蘭磅等有問題, 歡迎和我電郵交流, 小弟的雅虎電郵是帳戶是 yu_chun_tat@yahoo.com.hk

先小人後君子: 本人所提供的資料只作參考之用, 本人將不會因資料的不確或不全而導致的任何損失負責! 另外, 請大家尊重版權! …read more