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Another online scandal – Delcampe

Posted on Wednesday 21st November 2012

A few months ago, I discovered an online auction website called Delcampe which runs similar to eBay, but Delcampe is more focusing on specific items such as stamps, postcards, coins, banknotes, other collectible items etc.. As I was collecting some specific banknotes at that moment so I thought I would give this website a try. After using the Delcampe website for 7 months, I would say this website was not too bad until yesterday… …read more

Another awful and unpleasant experience with Lufthansa

Posted on Friday 19th October 2012

Had an awful and unpleasant experience with the ground crew at the Florence airport on Tuesday afternoon. My partner and I tried to check in ONE suitcase but got refused by the ground crew. The crew claimed that our suitcase was 28KG, so we were not allowed to check it in unless we PAY an extra fee or take some items out of the suitcase. We explained to the crew that we only had ONE suitcase to check in between two of us (adult passengers), but the crew still refused to let the suitcase go through, in the end we had to take some items out of the suitcase. We had a total of 46KG check-in baggage allowance in total, but we couldn’t even check ONE 28KG suitcase in, what sort of customer service do Lufthansa call it? …read more

Are the 1967 EFTA Presentation Packs really collectable?

Posted on Monday 8th October 2012

I must admit I am not an experienced stamps collector and I only have very limited knowledge on stamps, especially the British stamps, but because of that, it always gives me an encouragement to seek for professional advice and to find out what I am unsure, and what I don’t understand about stamps.

There are two types of stamps collectors – one collects stamps for hobby, and another one collects stamps for living/investment. …read more

Rip off Britain: Royal Mail

Posted on Thursday 27th September 2012

To many people, collecting stamps is a great healthy hobby. Some people started collecting stamps when they were a kid, and some started this hobby when they became an adult. Overall it is a fantastic hobby suitable for any ages, any races, anybody in anywhere.

The title of this blog has already given a hint away why and what I am trying to write here. …read more

Aggressive Johnsons Coaches driver

Posted on Thursday 7th June 2012

I didn’t plan to mention this on my blog, but seeing I have heard nothing from the company after I made a formal complaint to them via telephone and email, I decided to make the story public instead.

An aggressive Johnsons Coaches driver, who was driving a coach with the registration number YD02PXP, drove like a MAD racing driver yesterday afternoon (at approx 5.30pm) on A435 in Worcestershire. …read more