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A company simply doesn’t care, that’s how I see Print24

Posted on Friday 6th December 2013

I placed a SMALL order with Print24 a week ago. I chose to use this company simply because they offered me a cheaper production cost, but now I know why – buy cheap, get very cheap! …read more

Holiday Extras’ Airport Parking – no such bargain!

Posted on Tuesday 24th September 2013

I booked an airport parking with a company called Holiday Extras a month for a week of parking at the Birmingham Airport in October. I was quoted for £55.34 for the parking and I thought it was the best deal Holiday Extras could offer me. So I booked and paid for the parking. …read more

Customer review for EasySpace

Posted on Wednesday 11th September 2013

Value: ★★★★ Extremely poor
Service: ★★★★ Extremely poor
Overall scoring: ★★★★ Extremely poor

Disappointing services… despite the fact that I have been with EasySpace since 2000. Things are just getting worse and worse every year. It’s no doubt I will definitely stop using them altogether once my current remaining service with EasySpace is expired. …read more

Rip off eBay P&P charge

Posted on Thursday 15th August 2013

I wasn’t planning to write this article before cos I have already written something similar twice previously under my eBay account, but after a recent purchase on eBay, I just cannot help myself express the issue once more and further. …read more

Customer review for Grand Hotel Rzeszów, Poland

Posted on Monday 15th July 2013

Value: ★★★★ Extremely poor
Service: ★★★★ Extremely poor
Overall scoring: ★★★★ Extremely poor

Despite the fact that this hotel is called ‘Grand’ Hotel’ and has a ‘4 star’ rating, after staying at this hotel for just 4 nights, I must say it is not worth for the hassle, stress and trouble to stay with them at all. And here I explained why. …read more