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Rejected customer review at Amazon.co.uk, WTF?

Posted on Monday 12th August 2019

I bought something from Amazon UK in April 2019. The purchase has turned out a nightmare – a faulty product and an appalling customer service from Amazon! So I decided to write a customer view for the very first time ever on Amazon, and now I received a response from Amazon saying they cannot post my review on its website. Well, if Amazon can’t post my customer review to their website, I will just post it to my website instead. This is what I wrote…

A very BAD filter… and the Amazon customer service is equally bad!

Value: ★★★★★ No star (due to a faulty product)
Customer service: ★★★★★ No star (due to the issue never resolved)
Overall: ★★★★★ No star (the whole experience is SHIT!)

I don’t normally write product reviews but I feel that I must this time.

I bought this filter along with a booster from Amazon back in April 2019. I read fair amount of good reviews here so I thought the filter must be good. How wrong was I?

Two months after using the filter, I noticed the filter was collecting air inside then passing the air to my fish tank via outlet pipe from time to time. I searched on the internet trying to fix the issue, and all I could find was to tilt the filter slightly to let the air out. I did that but it didn’t stop the filter to collect more air, so I contacted Amazon to report the issue. Straight away, Amazon offered me a replacement but I said I would prefer to know how to fix the air issue because it took me a good hour to set up the filter and it was quite fiddling. I simply did not want to go through the whole process again. Amazon could not offer any instructions to fix the air issue, so I had to agree for a replacement instead.

I received a replacement for both filter and booster from Amazon a week ago, and I returned the faulty ones back for examination. After using the replacement filter for a week, the very same issue still occurs on the replacement filter. I am extremely disappointed and annoyed with Amazon that they sent me another filter which doesn’t work properly. I contacted Amazon again to report the new issue, this time Amazon told me to return the replacement filter for a full refund, but what about me and my fish here then?

I wrote to Amazon and told them that by returning a filter with a design issue and getting a refund doesn’t solve the problem. I invested £100 on a filter which I expected to work perfectly but it hasn’t been. I already disposed my old filter cos I did not know the air issue until it happened 2 months after I received it. I spent a lot of time setting up the filter twice here, and now Amazon can only suggest me to return the faulty filter for a full refund, that is it. I bought the filter directly from Amazon, I think Amazon should offer more support than just asking me to send the filter back for a refund.

So now I need to start from scratch looking for a new filter urgently for my fish, the whole thing has just become very stressful.

I agreed to another buyer here that there is no contact details for the manufacturer to be contacted. This is why I ended up reporting the issue to Amazon instead. I must say I am very frustrated and annoyed with Amazon as much as I am to the faulty filter. Amazon has let me down a big time in the way that they handle my case, and furthermore I really lost confident and faith buying things from Amazon again. It’s become like buying things from eBay, there is no guarantee on the things that you buy here work. Shame on Amazon to become like that!!!