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45 days rental FREE offer by PayPal

Posted on Wednesday 23rd November 2011

Send your money now and you will get a FULL REFUND later

If you have ever come across a need of any domestic appliance (as small as a toaster or as big as a fridge) but you don’t want to pay for it and get a new one every 45 days. PayPal is your One-stop Shop here.

According to what a supervisor, Amy, from the PayPal’s claim department told me today, buyers can file a dispute against their sellers within 45 days under the ‘item significantly not as described’ rule. After spending 30 mins on the phone with Amy the Vile Supervisor, I was told buyers can get a full refund from their sellers via PayPal if the buyers claim their item is not working. And PayPal will be more than happy to sort out all the paperwork for the buyers. The best deal ever you can find on this planet!!!

For example: If you decided you need a dehumidifier for your workmen to decorate your house, all you need to do is to find a dehumidifier on eBay or any websites which accept PayPal payment, then make a payment via Paypal to your seller. When the dehumidifier arrives with you, you can start using it in whatever way you want. Then after you have finished using the dehumidifier, you can simply contact your seller, report the item is not working and demand for a full refund. In most cases, the sellers would think you are taking the mickey here and tell to to get lost. Then that is your prime chance to contact PayPal to report the item which you have purchased weeks ago (but not over 45 days) is not working. You will then file a dispute against the seller and PayPal will freeze the money that you paid the seller previously. You don’t need to make up an Oscar award-winning story to PayPal. All you need to say is you bought the item from the seller and it is not working. Then PayPal will look after the rest of the case for you. PayPal will ask the buyer for a response to the dispute, but no matter what the buyer says or shows PayPal will always stand by your side in your favour. From the day you file a dispute till PayPal announce you have won your case, it only takes less than 3 working days. Isn’t it great to use something for free for 45 days? Especially when the economic is down, unemployment rate is high and many people struggle from the recession!

So next time when you have found something that you want to use for free for 45 days, make sure you use PayPal – an online money transfer company that don’t give a ‘f’ about fair trade – utterly useless, disgraceful and a waste of space!

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