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I was born in the 1970’s in Hong Kong. I am the eldest son of the family, I have two younger brothers who are called Louis and Chrys. My father used to work for the force in Hong Kong. I believe he joined the force when he was 20. He retired from the force in 1990. He then moved the whole family from Hong Kong to England in 1991. I can still remember the date that we arrived in the UK. It was Friday 23 August 1991.

The first location we stayed in the UK was Gorton in Manchester. And the first school that I went to was called Ellen Wilkinsons High School. My family and I then moved to Stockport just before Christmas 1991. And I started at Reddish Vale School in January 1992. I completed my GCSE course at Reddish Vale School in June 1993, and I went to Marple Ridge College to study A levels in September 1993. I stayed at Marple Ridge College for 3 months, then I realised A levels were not what I wanted to do, so I applied for an Art and Design course at Stockport College. Luckily they accepted my application and allowed me to start my course in January 1994. I completed the Art and Design course in June 1995. I applied for a BA course at University of Teesside, Middlesborough and my application was accepted.

I started my BA course in September 1995. It was the first very time that I left home and studied somewhere 120 miles away from home. I found it a bit odd to be all alone from my family and I could really see and feel what a boarding school life was like. I managed to settle down OK in Middlesborough and started to enjoy the university life there. I finished my BA course in May 1998 and graduated in June 1998. It was definitely one of the unforgettable moments in my life.

I moved back home in Stockport in June 1998. I started to look for a job in the Northwest of England. I was given some job interviews but I was never successful to get a job. The feedback that those companies gave me were I had no experience at all. But if they didn’t give me an opportunity, how could I gain some experience?

When it came to the year end of 1998, things were getting desperate, cos if I still couldn’t find a job in the UK, my parents would send me back to Hong Kong, and I did not want to move back to Hong Kong at all. Fortunately a friend of mine said an advert on a local paper advertising for a junior designer. He posted me the advert and I wrote to the company to apply for the job. The company was based in Midlands, so when I received a letter from the company for an interview, I drove all the way down to Midlands from Manchester. A couple of weeks after the first interview, I was invited for a second interview. And after the second interview, the MD offered me a replacement job. I was very happy to find a job at last. I moved down to Midlands to live just after the Christmas in 1998. I started my new job on Monday 18 January 1999.