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Aggressive Johnsons Coaches driver

Posted on Thursday 7th June 2012

I didn’t plan to mention this on my blog, but seeing I have heard nothing from the company after I made a formal complaint to them via telephone and email, I decided to make the story public instead.

An aggressive Johnsons Coaches driver, who was driving a coach with the registration number YD02PXP, drove like a MAD racing driver yesterday afternoon (at approx 5.30pm) on A435 in Worcestershire. I was driving a black Audi on the outside lane of A435 heading to Redditch. This driver was at first driving on the inside lane but SUDDENLY decided to pull out to the outside lane to avoid a vehicle which came out from a side road. There was literally just a few inches gap between his coach and my Audi. Once this driver was on the outside lane, he would not move back to the inside lane at all. He kept on driving in a high speed overtaking every single vehicle on the inside lane, even though the gap between those vehicles was big enough for the coach to move back in.

Then when it came to the section where the dual carriage becomes a single lane on the A435, this coach driver still would not move back to the inside lane, and dangerously overtook a pickup truck on the white crossing lines. I saw the whole incident happened in front of me and I had to do an emergency brake to stop my Audi. This driver was driving all over the place. I saw a yellow school children sign stuck on the back window. If this is the way the Johnsons Coaches drivers delivering children to and from schools, I think the drivers are seriously giving life threats to the children AND other drivers on the road.

I have been driving for 17 years, I have never seen a coach driver driving so dangerously like Johnsons Coaches’. I am not joking but the way this driver raced on the A435 was like on a movie.

Once I got back home, I had to take some time to calm myself down first. Then I phoned Johnsons Coaches on 01564 797000 to make a complaint. Unfortunately the office was closed when I phoned, so I left a voice message to request someone from Johnsons Coaches to call me back.

I thought I could write to the MD of Johnsons Coaches to express my concern and to make a complaint, so I wrote a complaint email and sent it to John Johnsons, Commercial Director on johnj@johnsonscoaches.co.uk, Peter Johnsons, Operations Director on peter@johnsonscoaches.co.uk and two other senior staff (Gary Harridence, Coach Hire Manager on gary@johnsonscoaches.co.uk and Steph Payne, Operations Manager on steph@johnsonscoaches.co.uk). It has now been over 24 hours since I first contacted Johnsons Coaches, but I have heard no response to neither my voice message nor my complaint email from them. The company’s management is absolutely poorly! In such serious matter, I take it the company is not bothered and interested in how their coach drivers race on public roads. This company puts public lives in risk, it simply does not deserve any business!