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Another awful and unpleasant experience with Lufthansa

Posted on Friday 19th October 2012

Had an awful and unpleasant experience with the ground crew at the Florence airport on Tuesday afternoon. My partner and I tried to check in ONE suitcase but got refused by the ground crew. The crew claimed that our suitcase was 28KG, so we were not allowed to check it in unless we PAY an extra fee or take some items out of the suitcase. We explained to the crew that we only had ONE suitcase to check in between two of us (adult passengers), but the crew still refused to let the suitcase go through, in the end we had to take some items out of the suitcase. We had a total of 46KG check-in baggage allowance in total, but we couldn’t even check ONE 28KG suitcase in, what sort of customer service do Lufthansa call it?

Lufthansa responds:
Dear Bartholomew, I am truly sorry to hear about your experience on Tuesday. We changed our baggage rules from ‘weight’ concept to ‘piece’ concept on the first of June 2011. Depending on the route, each economy class passenger is allowed a free baggage allowance of one or two pieces at a maximum of 23Kg each. Business class passengers have a free baggage allowance of each piece not weighing more than 32Kg per passenger. Unfortunately it is not possible to combine the free baggage allowance of two passengers into one bag. For more information about our new baggage policy please have a look under the following link: http://f.lh.com/jXhA. /Beate

But going back to my unpleasant experience with Lufthansa recently, surely Lufthansa could be flexible to accommodate individual passenger’s need. We were not asking your ground crew to accept the 5KG on top of our 46KG baggage allowance. We were 18KG well under our baggage allowance, I just cannot see why it was such a big deal to Lufthansa for the 5KG. Furthermore, would you prefer two passengers to carry a 23KG suitcase EACH or just ONE 28KG suitcase between the two passengers? You mentioned about it is not possible to combine the free baggage allowance for a group travelling. If so, what is the point to book and travel as a group with Lufthansa? To be honest, being an international airline company, I would expect Lufthansa to be more professional, more flexible, and more customer care. I honestly cannot see the difference between Lufthansa and other budget airlines which just charge every single thing and rip the passengers/customers off. I already had an utterly awful experience with your ground crews at the Hong Kong airport 12 years ago. Your crews insulted me and my family by telling us that our tickets were CHEAP TICKETS in front of other passengers. Since then I had not flown with Lufthansa again, and now 12 years later, I flew with you again for the first time and I was treated badly by your ground crew at the Florence airport, I just see the customer service has not improved for a bit over those years at all. The bottom line is, is it worth to upset and lose two customers over the 5KG excess baggage allowance? We only had ONE hand baggage and ONE check-in baggage. We were not using our full 62KG (46KG check-in and 16KG hand carry) baggage allowance. If it was me, I would inform the passengers the baggage policy and let the suitcase go though – one off only. But I guess your ground crews are just aimed to upset passengers, so really why should I be bothered to fly with Lufthansa again? Air France is much more flexible and professional, no wonder why I have been flying with Air France all the time in the last decade or so.

Catherine Tang comments:
When I fly Hong Kong, I only use Air France even though Finnair & Lufthansa offer ‘CHEAP TICKETS’ I will never fly with them as I too had bad experiences.

Paul Edwards comments:
It’s a shame that in todays tough business environment that businesses are not a little more flexible in their policies – as a business owner I know that if I treated customers in this off hand manner I would be unemployed in no time. If I were the ground staff having a bad day instead of taking it out on their travelling customers I would try and be understanding and helpful – Perhaps I’m old fashioned now. We all have ‘difficult’ customers but at the end of the day it’s the way you treat them that counts – and hopefully they will spread the word and bring new customers.

Darryn Lee comments:
Wat an idiotic inflexible rule. Shane on you Lufthansa. I def won’t use them. Thanks for the tip

Christopher Cheung comments:
Don’t bother with Lufthansa, just move on to a different Airline. Finnair are pretty good from my experience and obviously, if you want genuine customer service then Singapore Airlines or Qatar Airways. Anyway, check out the World’s Top 10 Airlines – 2012:
1 Qatar Airways
2 Asiana Airlines
3 Singapore Airlines
4 Cathay Pacific Airways
5 ANA All Nippon Airways
6 Etihad Airways
7 Turkish Airlines
8 Emirates
9 Thai Airways
10 Malaysia Airlines

Christopher Cheung comments:
But then they did win an award: ‘LUFTHANSA wins the award for the Best Airline in Western Europe at the 2012 World Airline Awards’ – Quite laughable that Easyjet is actually within the list of top ten as well. But I guess Lufthansa are making all budget airlines look professional.