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Another online scandal – Delcampe

Posted on Wednesday 21st November 2012

A few months ago, I discovered an online auction website called Delcampe which runs similar to eBay, but Delcampe is more focusing on specific items such as stamps, postcards, coins, banknotes, other collectible items etc.. As I was collecting some specific banknotes at that moment so I thought I would give this website a try. After using the Delcampe website for 7 months, I would say this website was not too bad until yesterday…

I saw an unusual stamps presentation pack for sale on Delcampe a month ago, the seller asked for £5 for it but I submitted a £3 offer and the seller accepted it. The sale was made on 11 October 2012. I transferred the money to this seller via PayPal, everything happened as normal as it should be. Then a week later, I received nothing from this seller, so I wrote to them to chase for an update. I received no response at all, I thought I would wait a couple more days hoping the item would arrive with me by then. Another week passed by, still no sign of the item, so I wrote to the seller again and still no response at all. In the end I had to file a dispute against this seller for item not received.

The seller still hasn’t responded to the dispute. But then on Monday 19 November 2012, I went online to check this seller’s profile, I discovered the seller’s account was closed. I thought that was not a good sign. So I wrote to Delcampe to chase for an update for my dispute. Someone called Benjamin from Delcampe responded to me. He said apparently there were a lot of complaints made against to this seller, as a result Delcampe decided to close the seller’s account. So I asked Benjamin what happened to the money that I have paid to the seller. He then said, ‘The fact is that we do not sell nor ship anything, we only function as a middleman. We only put buyers and sellers in connection with one another’. I was shocked to know I was in risks to use the Delcampe website all the time. I said to Benjamin I will not use Delcampe again while nothing from the website protects me as a buyer at all. I am just so annoyed and furious with Delcampe that they run an online auction website but they don’t provide any protections to the buyers. So any sellers on the site can pretend to sell something, then once they receive the money, they can just disappear and not to send the item. It is just a plain fraud!!

Anyway, I noticed there are quite a lot of stamp collectors use Delcampe to buy stamps, I would especially urge everyone who has registered to Delcampe to stay away from this website. I am sure many people have had bad experience with eBay in their lives, but I would say Delcampe is far worse! There is no member support or whatsoever on the Delcampe website.

The next thing I must do now is to make a claim with PayPal against this transaction for the stamps presentation pack. Why is internet always full of crooks and robbers???