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Customer review for EasySpace

Posted on Wednesday 11th September 2013

Value: ★★★★ Extremely poor
Service: ★★★★ Extremely poor
Overall scoring: ★★★★ Extremely poor

Disappointing services… despite the fact that I have been with EasySpace since 2000. Things are just getting worse and worse every year. It’s no doubt I will definitely stop using them altogether once my current remaining service with EasySpace is expired.

It was OK when I first joined EasySpace, but things were going downhill especially with the way they charged their services. I stuck with them simply because there were not many other companies offering domains and hosting services then. But in 2011, EasySpace made a cock-up with one of my hosting packages and that was the time I said to myself ‘enough is enough’. Since the incident happened, I moved all my hosting packages to GoDaddy, which has provided me a better service with a reasonable cost.

I left my domain packages with EasySpace cos I was not familiar with how to transfer domains from one company to another one. But up until today, EasySpace has upset and annoyed me a big time. They gave me some credits for the cock-up that happened in 2011, and now they restrict me on how to use these credits. I am told I can only use the credits for non-domains related package, which means I simply cannot use ANY of these credits at all. I feel cheated, robbed and disrespectful!

I will contact GoDaddy to see if they can help me transfer all my domains from EasySpace to them. I would definitely not recommend EasySpace to anybody, I just cannot wait to see this company to go bust one day very soon!

Rob Cochran’s comment (taken from whoishostingthis.com):

Easyspace customer service is the worst on the face of the earth. They absolutely REFUSE to assist customers in any problems. They are professional only in giving you the run around, blaming the user for issues, or just ignoring you completely. Even after dumping Easyspace as my hosting company, I now find it impossible to get them to change the name servers so I can transfer the domain. It’s impossible! DO NOT EVER, EVER use Easyspace. I’ve switched to IX Webhosting and have been a very happy customer there for the past 5 years.

In addition, Easy space is extremely overpriced. Do your homework and check around thoroughly before signing up with Easyspace or any web hosting company. Many (like Easyspace) are just out there to grab your money and offer basically nothing in return.

Again, after trying Easyspace and several other “rip-off” providers, I found one with supreme customer service, down to earth pricing and all the options you would ever want for your web pages.

So stay away from Easyspace at all costs.

Jerry Leach’s comment (taken from whoishostingthis.com):

I have not been happy about Easyspace for quite some time. I find there control panel useless (it seems to send messages to techs who then do the work!) and their support is iffy to say the least.

However the last episode is the pits. They have an’Auto Renew’ system for your services. I transferred a domain away from them and a week later they ‘Auto Renewed’ an MySQL service for that domain a MONTH before it was due to expire.

They refuse now to refund the money (approx £37) and say the Terms and Conditions clearly state that auto renew will be done a month in advance and there can be no refund. Well good luck reading there T&C’s and finding that bit!!!

So I have renewed a service automatically on something I can never use.

Robbery spings to mind.

Avoid them like the plague. And if you cant then REMOVE ALL ‘Auto Renew’ from your services.

Nick’s comment (taken from whoishostingthis.com):

Their auto renew policies are a disgrace, they take payments for invoices a MONTH before they’re due with NO notice.

Oliver Charles’ comment (taken from whoishostingthis.com):

As we have all heard Easyspace’s Customer Support is terrible.

When you ring about an enquiry/problem well basically anything your met with the same underlying response, scorn and a metaphorical two fingers.

They are expensive, with underlying costs. For example moving your domain away from Easyspace, £18 inc VAT. It only costs £12 inc VAT to go direct to Nominet and get them to move the domain. Its no doubt quicker too, and i was given excellent CUSTOMER SUPPORT (Nominet usually advise you to change through your provider as it is cheaper, not Easyspace.)

They renew your hosting packages a month in advance with out telling you.

They are incredibly slow with everything (it always takes 24 hours no matter what)

Take my advice go and host your website somewhere else, I have.

Easyspace suck big time!

Michael Cronk’s comment (taken from whoishostingthis.com):

I have been forced to write this review after my recent experience with Easyspace.

I had been a little annoyed that I had been left on a more expensive legacy package that had virtually no features by their auto-renew service. I then managed to cancel this and get a current cheaper current package. This was fine until they billed me for BOTH packages a year later.

They have now improved the features of the package I am on (5 databases instead of 1 and free one-click installs). I asked if I could have these extra features. I was told that I would have to cancel and re-sign up (making sure I had a backup as they would delete my website in the process) or I could pay £15.00 per database and £7.46 for the one-click installs).

I then found out that they still had not deleted my old legacy package. The prospect is either pay for the databases as extras or risk being triple-billed next year…

I’m off to find another service provider.

Matthew Cawson’s comment (taken from whoishostingthis.com):

Where to start… lets start with the biggie – auto-renew. Want to be automatically enrolled into paying for something, not realise and not be warned before the payment is taken? Then this is the company for you. This company will happily take a sum of money which could buy a package significantly better elsewhere, without warning and then hide behind the incredibly extensive contract. There seems to be little consideration for the customer or “cash cow of grave misfortune”, which more accurately describes how me and many others must feel.

Dealing with customer services (not sure the title is appropriate) is arduous in the extreme when making a complaint. With off-hand responses, answers which don’t relate to the questions stated and basic dismissal of any complaint raised.

This company is not just bad, it is the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. In fact so bad that I have been lead to post here and on any other forum I can find to vent my frustration and warn others to heed the warnings relating to this firm.

If you want an web-host this is not it. Find real provider that provides a real service, at a market price and acts with integrity.

Peter Bird’s comment (taken from whoishostingthis.com):

EasySpace have been appalling. I have nothing but contempt for this organisation. They are not user friendly and I have found “please find your INVOICE” emails and “confirmation of your payment” emails with NO REMINDER emails sent first :(. This is just bad practice and when I have complained they simply say “well, it was on your control panel” which is no use I haven’t signed in for quite a while. I understand that it probably says all this in the terms and conditions (of course it does!) but this is just bad business, of course you should send email reminders to people so that in amongst their busy lives they can see when something is coming up for a DEFAULTED AUTO RENEW. Not only am I incensed by the fact that the first “reminder” I get is a WE HAVE YOUR MONEY email but also the domain isn’t even set to renew until next month (again very handily in the terms and conditions I’m sure) As if all of this isn’t bad enough the renewal amount is shockingly over priced and has potentially sent my account in to it’s over draft. GREAT thank you so much for being useless. The customer “support” happily told me “oh I’m sorry there is nothing I can do” NO REFUND NO APOLOGY NO YES WE SHOULD LOOK INTO OUR DOGEY BUSINESS PRACTICES. I would advise any new comers to stay away unless by some miracle they decide to adapt their business practices.