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Customer review for Grand Hotel Rzeszów, Poland

Posted on Monday 15th July 2013

Value: ★★★★ Extremely poor
Service: ★★★★ Extremely poor
Overall scoring: ★★★★ Extremely poor

Despite the fact that this hotel is called ‘Grand’ Hotel’ and has a ‘4 star’ rating, after staying at this hotel for just 4 nights, I must say it is not worth for the hassle, stress and trouble to stay with them at all. And here I explained why.

Incident 1:

I booked a room at this hotel via a Polish travel agent back in November 2012. My booking was confirmed by both travel agent and Grand Hotel Rzeszów via email. Just a few weeks before my partner and I travelled to the hotel, I wrote to Grand Hotel Rzeszów once again to re-confirm my reservation. The hotel replied to say our reservation was guaranteed and the full payment would only be taken when we arrived at the hotel (even I have already supplied my credit card to Grand Hotel Rzeszów in November 2012).

On the day we were due to arrive at Grand Hotel Rzeszów, we were waiting for our flight to Poland at the airport. Out of the blue I discovered I had two missed calls (at 8.47am and 12.49am) on my mobile phone. The calls were from two different foreign telephone numbers which I later worked out they were from Grand Hotel Rzeszów. So I phoned the hotel by using their ‘normal’ landline number to see why they needed to phone me. As soon as my call was answered, I was told straight away our booking was cancelled (I didn’t even have a chance to say who I was).

The hotel told me they had been trying to contact me as they could not pre-authorise my credit card. The hotel claimed they could only keep our booking valid up to noon. As I phoned them back at 1.15pm, our booking was already cancelled by Grand Hotel Rzeszów. I was utterly shocked and not happy with what had happened, especially while we were at the airport. The hotel also said there was no room available to us now (the hotel was fully booked), BUT the hotel had arranged us to be transferred to another hotel which I was told it was only a few minutes away from Grand Hotel. I asked Grand Hotel Rzeszów to email me the details of the other hotel (which I have never received).

After I finished the phone call, I sent an email to the hotel saying I would like to speak to the manager once we arrived at the hotel. Few mins after the email went, I received another phone call from Grand Hotel Rzeszów. This time it was a different person on the phone. I was told by this other person that there was now a room available for us, therefore we did not need to transfer to the other hotel. I was totally confused with the situation. Anyway, to avoid another cancellation occurred, I insisted to give the hotel another credit card number of mine to secure my booking. I was very annoyed and angry with Grand Hotel Rzeszów. I just could not believe what Grand Hotel Rzeszów did to us!

Incident 2:

Once we finally arrived at Grand Hotel Rzeszów, we were given a twin room which was not what I requested for when I made the reservation 7 months ago. When a staff delivered an invoice to our room (I decided to pay the room in full after we had checked in to avoid any more pathetic dramas!), I told him it was a wrong room. He looked on the invoice and admitted that the reception gave me a wrong room. He suggested that he could pushed the two beds together then added a mattress topper on top. As we believed there was no alternative room we agreed to the suggestion.

Incident 3:

After we unpacked our suitcases we discovered a ceiling light and some wall lights were not working at all. We thought we were using the wrong light switches but we tried every single switch in the room, we just couldn’t switch on the lights. After some investigations, we found a fuse box in our room. We opened the fuse box and found one of the switches inside was tripped. We thought it was just a simple electricity fault, so we pushed the tripped switch back on, and all the lights started working again. But then, a few hours later, the fuse box was tripped again while we were watching TV. We still thought it was just a minor fault, so we reported the issue to the hotel the next morning.

A staff came to our room to have a look, he suggested that it could be something we plugged to the wall socket causing the tripping. He told us to keep our eyes on what plugged into the sockets and hopefully we could find out what caused the tripping. As far as we were concerned, we only plugged our mobile phones to the sockets to charge. At the second night, after we switched off everything then went to bed. Not long after we got into our bed, we heard the fuse box tripped again, that was just impossible. We didn’t plug anything to the wall sockets and all the lights were off, how could the tripping still happen?

Next morning (day 3) we tried to push the fuse switch back on as we did previously, but this time the switch would not stay on at all. Every time when we pushed it up, it tripped straight away. We phoned the reception to explain and report the problem. We were told we would transfer to another room. After we had our breakfast, a staff came to us to say we did not need to move room because the hotel arranged an electrician to come to fix the fuse box. We thought it was OK.

So an electrician came to our room and looked at the fuse box. He did something to the box and said something in Polish then left. The electrician didn’t fix the problem as there was still no electricity in the room. We were waiting in our room for an hour then I decided to phone the reception to find out what was going on. I was told that the electrician could not fix the fuse box, as a result we needed to transfer to another room. So we started to pack our suitcases and waited to be transferred to a next available room. We spent the whole morning on on resolving the electricity problem and waiting to be transferred to a different room, it was just completely wasting our time, especially when we only stayed in Poland for 4 nights!

Incident 4:

Breakfast was included with our room, and I understand different people have different taste on food, but I must say I was not impressed with the quality of the food served for breakfast at all. Breakfast started to be served at 6.30am and in two occasions when we went to the breakfast bar to have our breakfast at about 8am, we saw most of the food was half empty, and the remaining food did not look (taste) fresh. We couldn’t work out whether most of the food had already been eaten by other visitors before us or these were just left over food from previous day. The breakfast bar were not busy at all when we were there, there were hardly any other visitors having breakfast with us at the bar. The breakfast food was not appealing and very ‘heavy-on-meat’. I am not a vegetarian, but they did look more like lunch food than breakfast food in my opinion. On the last two days, we went somewhere else for breakfast instead. I have never felt like that and had that experience before.

Other bits and bobs:

There was some building work being done while we were staying at Grand Hotel Rzeszów. I was very surprised to see the hotel was a building site and no one from the hotel was bothered to inform/pre-warn us about the building work. When our taxi dropped us off at the hotel’s carpark, we just couldn’t believe it was a ‘4 star’ hotel. Staff were not particularly friendly. There was no general greetings (good morning/afternoon/evening) from the staff at all. The location was OK, the hotel is next to busy roads so it’s handy for walking around but it got very noisy when we opened our room’s window. For sure, this is a hotel that we would not want to stay at again in our whole lives!


After we returned back to England, I got in touch with the Polish travel agent. I did warn the agent on Day 2 of our trip that I would contact them to express my dissatisfaction. I wrote everything that happened to us at the hotel in details. The agent agreed to pass on the comment/complaint to the hotel for us. Grand Hotel Rzeszów did write back to the agent with their responses which were forwarded to us later. Grand Hotel Rzeszów is supposed to be a ‘4 Star’ hotel, but judging the way they responded to and handled our comments and complaint, they are no where near to a ‘4 star’ hotel for sure.

Grand Hotel Rzeszów kept arguing they cancelled my reservation because they could not pre-authorise my credit card. Grand Hotel Rzeszów has had my credit card details since November 2012. If they were concerned and worried I would not turn up, they should have taken the money from me as soon as I made the booking. They then argued they could not take payment months in advance, but other hotels can do so, so why can’t Grand Hotel?

I especially wrote to Grand Hotel a few weeks before our visit to re-confirm my booking. If we weren’t going to turn up, I wouldn’t be bothered to re-confirm my booking. Grand Hotel Rzeszów claimed they tried to contact me regarding the cancellation while they could only keep the room for me by noon, but the hotel only phoned me once before noon. While they couldn’t get hold of us via phone, why didn’t they try to send me an email as well? And furthermore, why would they pre-authorise my credit card just 3 hours before the check-in time started? If they had concerns, shouldn’t they pre-authorise my card 10 days, a week or even 24 hours in advance, so it gives the hotel a better chance to find someone else to replace my booking?

They made it very clearly that they decided to cancel my booking because of my credit card, they cancelled my room at noon then I spoke to them on the phone at 1pm. How could someone else book my room within an hour on the same day that they were coming to the hotel? Grand Hotel Rzeszów cancelled my booking because they didn’t know I would turn up or not, but when I spoke to the hotel for the first time on the phone, they told me they had arranged us to stay at another hotel. How does it work? It makes no sense or whatsoever to us!

The truth Grand Hotel Rzeszów cancelled my room in the last minute is because the hotel was over booked. So instead of telling us the truth, they used this credit card pre-authorisation as an excuse to move us to another hotel. I just cannot understand why Grand Hotel Rzeszów couldn’t be honest with us. And if we had to move to another hotel due to over booking, we would be happy to move to the other hotel. The management of this hotel is totally shocking and unreliable, they just cannot be trusted!

I also cannot believe Grand Hotel Rzeszów would just give us a wrong room without knowing it. Like I said previously I booked the room months in advance and as soon as I walked into the hotel, the reception had everything ready for us – keys and paperwork. I can only see we were given to this wrong room in purpose. Furthermore, we were not just given a wrong room, we were given a wrong room which had electricity problems. Surely when the room was made up, staff must know there was an electricity problem.

It makes me laugh that Grand Hotel Rzeszów argued we were upgraded to a much better room free of charge, but we have already stayed in a poor quality room for two nights, I do not think it was worth for money we have paid, so in truth we did not gain any extra benefit from the hotel. The whole story of an incorrect room and the electricity problem did cause us a lot of hassle and inconvenience during our visit. Grand Hotel Rzeszów has never offered any compensation for that. What annoys us most was when we reported there was some problems in our room, we had to hassle the staff again and again and again before we were ‘allowed’ to move to another room. At the end of the day, we did pay to stay at ‘this’ hotel, we didn’t stay for free, so why couldn’t we get the right service that we have paid for? It is a total disgrace to be honest!

So now after contacting the travel agent to report the awful experience, and the agent passed on our comment/complaint to the hotel, Grand Hotel Rzeszów doesn’t seem to care and to be bothered about the unpleasant experience with them. I can understand and imagine if this problem happens to a 3 star or lower hotel, but Grand Hotel Rzeszów is a ‘4 star’ rating hotel. It is really a great disappointment to see a ‘4 star’ hotel acts and behaves like an unqualified hotel. I would definitely not recommend this hotel to anyone, this is why I feel I should name and shame this hotel publicly, so other visitors will not get the same awful experience on their holiday!

Grand Hotel Rzeszów, shame on you!