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TheHut.com: Unreliable company with disgraceful service

Posted on Sunday 16th October 2016

Value: ★★★★★ No star (due to advertised an item never in stock)
Customer service: ★★★★★ No star (due to never receive the order)
Overall: ★★★★★ No star (basically SHIT!)

TheHut.com: Unreliable company with disgraceful service

If I could give a minus score, I would definitely do so because this company does not deserve any score above zero!

I ordered a computer with this unreliable company on 19 September. The website said the order would be despatched ‘usually’ within 4 days. Two days later, I received a message from these hopeless people saying the item was out of stock but they managed to source the same item from another so-called ‘reliable’ supplier, so the order would be despatched to me the following week. I waited for a week, I contacted the company to ask when the order would be despatched. They replied to say they were unable to give me a date for when they would have it back in stock (in other words, they still did not have the item and had no ideas when the order would be despatched). I chased the company again two days later, and they still could not tell when the order could be despatched. After two weeks of waiting, I decided to make a complaint and I was told investigations were underway, they would get back to me within 48 hours.

Next day, I received a message from someone called Sarah, Customer Relations Executive. She argued the item was not advertised as in stock (in other words, the company advertised and was selling the item which they NEVER had it in stock!), and the statement of ‘stock usually despatch within 4 working days’ was not a guaranteed timescale. Basically it was just a LIE to make customers like me to believe I would get the item within 4 working days! She claimed she would continue to chase her supplier for the item, to be honest why bothered??

Then on Monday 3 Oct, I received another message from this company saying the next expected delivery was next day, so my order would be despatched within 48 hours, what a pretty lie! I waited until the following Thursday, I wrote to the company to ask where the order was. I was now told the company did not receive the stock from their ‘reliable’ supplier (suddenly the reliable supplier is not that reliable!). What a complete waste of time and space. So I raised another complaint and I was told the same old story that investigations were underway, the company would get back to me within 48 hours.

On Saturday 8 Oct, I received a message from someone called Lizzie, another Customer Relations Executive, saying she has asked her internal Operations Team to investigate the matter urgently.

3 weeks passed by, I wrote to the company on Monday 10 Oct to request for a telephone conversation to discuss the matter. The company’s website does not have a contact telephone number. To be honest, I am not surprised the website has no telephone number because based on the appalling service that I have experienced so far, the company’s telephone line would be melt down from receiving complaints from other customers.

No one from the company phoned me on Monday, so I left another message next day to ask for a phone call. Again, no calls on next day, I left another message to ask for a call. And again, still no calls, another message left on Wednesday.

Then on Friday afternoon 14 Oct at 4.27pm. I received a final message from Lizzie telling me that my order was finally cancelled after a month of waiting. She claimed her supplier was not able to provide it. What a joke! This company is utterly unbelievable!

To start with, the company advertised an item which they DID NOT have in stock, then tricked me to make a purchase by claiming the item would be despatched within 4 working days. When I questioned about this despatch timescale, I was told it ‘usually’ happened but not guaranteed. Well, the computer that I ordered was a standard spec, nothing fancy or special, so I don’t know what unusual happened to make my order could not be despatched within 4 working days as usual!

Then every time when I chased for an update, I was told, at first, the company had found another source for the item in the 2nd week and I would receive the item soon, then later on in the 3rd week the other source didn’t have the item and the company needed to investigate. And finally in the 4th week I was ignored for first 4 days then on Friday late afternoon, Ta-Dah the company admitted they did not have the item and cancelled the order completely. What a pathetic service!

I sent a direct email to Jordan to make a complaint on 5 October and again I have never received a reply from Jordan. This company is well beyond ‘poop’ (really wish I could use the actual word here!!)

Apologies are simply not good enough and acceptable in my case. Four full weeks of waiting and ended up receiving nothing. This company should be awarded the most shameful company of the year. Shame on the person who owns this company, and shame on the people who run this company! Simply disgraceful!