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Dishonest cheater plays dirty tricks on PayPal

Posted on Wednesday 23rd November 2011

Four weeks ago, someone responded to my online advert for a dehumidifier. This person approached me and asked me if I could sell her the dehumidifier £10 lesser than the asking price which was £110.00. I agreed the offer price and told her to send me the payment via PayPal.

This person who called herself Mimi completed the transaction via PayPal on Monday morning 24 October 2011, then sent me some messages to ‘demand’ me to deliver the dehumidifier to her straight away, so that she could receive it next morning. I told her if she wanted the item to be delivered to her by 12 noon next day, she would need to upgrade the delivery service, and it would cost her an extra £30.00. She responded she would not pay the additional cost, all she wanted was the cheapest delivery service. As she did not agree to pay for the extra for the next day before 12 delivery, she told me not to do anything for the time being.

Then on Wednesday 26 October 2011, Mimi got in touch again. This time she asked me to despatch the dehumidifier to her on Thursday 27 October 2011 because she had arranged someone to accept the delivery next day. And again, she demanded me to despatch the item to her for the next day delivery before 12. I told her once again she would need to upgrade the delivery service if she wanted the item delivered before 12. Then she said she would not pay the extra fee. She asked me to send the item by a normal 24 hours delivery instead. I sent the item to Mimi on Thursday 27 October 2011 and it was delivered next morning at 10.36am. The item was accepted and signed by someone called Christian. I sent mimi a text message to let her know that the item was delivered. She replied to say thanks.

Since then I have heard nothing from Mimi until last Friday 18 November 2011. Mimi called me out of the blue. On the phone call, she told me the dehumidifier did not have an instruction manual. She also said the dehumidifier was not working. She said all it did was blew cold air. She kept on talking about this and that about the dehumidifier, so I stopped her and told her I have never opened box once I received the dehumidifier from my seller. I said to her I had no idea if the manual was missing and if the item was not working. But I argued that she had the dehumidifier for 3 weeks, why contacted me now? And also she asked me to post the item to her immediately so she could use it for a home improvement project. I told her she have already been using the dehumidifier for weeks, then she made up a story to say the dehumidifier has never been used cos it was a wrong type of machine. She kept on arguing the dehumidifier was not working and demanded a full refund. I told her she has had the item for 3 weeks, I did not believe she has never used it. I told her I will not refund her any money and she said she was going to contact PayPal to make a claim. I told her to feel free to do so.

So on Friday afternoon 18 November 2011, I received an email from PayPal telling me Mimi has raised a dispute against me. PayPal has frozen the money that Mimi sent me 3 weeks ago. On the dispute, Mimi claims her reason for the dispute was ‘Internally Damage’, then she added a further comment saying ‘i paid for a new item but you have told me it is a re-conditioned there was no instructions manual with it, the machine is not working, i need a refund and i will buy a new, working one.’ It is just a complete lie!

So I responded to her dispute to say, first of all I have never advertised my item was brand new, and secondly it was true that I have never opened the box. Finally Mimi has had the dehumidifier for 3 weeks, she has used it for her home decoration, and now she doesn’t want to keep the machine so she wants to return it back to me for a full refund. That is just ridiculous!

I told PayPal I have not mis-sold my item to Mimi, therefore I would not agree to refund her any money. On Monday 21 November 2011, I faxed 8 pages of statement and evidence to PayPal to show my original advert, text messages sent by Mimi to request the dehumidifier to be despatched immediately for a home improvement project, courier delivery note and status, and a couple of photos to show the box was still sealed by the time I despatched it to Mimi.

While I was waiting for PayPal to respond, I started to think about how on earth PayPal would allow Mimi to file a dispute against me. Mimi received the dehumidifier 3 weeks ago. If there was any problems with the item, she would have contacted me soon after she received the item, but not to wait 3 full weeks there!! This simply proves that she was using the dehumidifier last 3 weeks and now she has finished using it, she wants to return it to me for a full refund. I think PayPal has lost its mind or something there!

Anyway, I logged on to my PayPal account this evening and I discovered there was an update to my case. PayPal makes a statement saying, ‘We contacted the buyer and let them know that you would agree to process a full refund if they return the merchandise to you in its original condition.’ I am absolutely despair, furious and angry with PayPal’s decision. I phoned PayPal to ask about what was going on, but I was told the claim department has already closed at 8.30pm, so no one could help me, I needed to call back next morning at 9.30am.

It was just unbelievable! And now I contacted PayPal via their online form to make a complaint. I just feel that PayPal is completely useless, a waste of space and a rip off!! How can PayPal decide I am wrong when Mimi has received and used the dehumidifier for 3 weeks? This is just not on!!

Anyway, I will give PayPal a call tomorrow and give them a good bollocking about what they have done here. In the meantime, I have done a google search about Mimi here, just like what I expected, the google search shows that she is a very dodgy person here.

First of all, she introduced herself to me as Mimi, but on the PayPal dispute she labelled herself ‘MICHELLE FRANK’. Then I looked into the transaction she made to my account in October, the PayPal log shows that Mimi used one email address (yourmaildirect2me@yahoo.co.uk) to send me the money but now use another email address (dislimit_doodles@ymail.com) to file a dispute. I also searched her second email address (dislimit_doodles@ymail.com) on facebook and it came up with a profile of someone called Deze Pang. To extend my search, I also discovered the email address (dislimit_doodles@ymail.com) registered to someone called Michelle Frank who is 37 years ago, but based in London and South East of England. When I dispatched the dehumidifier to Mimi, she asked me to send it to her home address in Sheffield. On her eBay account (dislimit_doodlesatymail) she claims her location is milton keynes, Buckinghamshire. It really says it all about how dodgy this Mimi person is.

As I have told PayPal many many times, I have not mis-sold Mimi my dehumidifier. She has no interest to keep the item or whatsoever because she never asked me anything about the item, such as the warranty. When she contacted me on Friday, all she asked for was a full refund. If I bought a toaster or a television from a shop, I would not demand the shop for a full refund straight away. I would either ask for a replacement or a repair instead. And I certainly would not go back to where I got the item from 3 weeks after I have had it. But in Mimi’s case, she just wants her money back as soon as possible. Based on that, it clearly shows Mimi has planned to use the dehumidifier for free. Without a doubt, she is a dishonest cheater, and I hope the whole world knows about her from this second and avoid her!