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Holiday Extras’ Airport Parking – no such bargain!

Posted on Tuesday 24th September 2013

I booked an airport parking with a company called Holiday Extras a month for a week of parking at the Birmingham Airport in October. I was quoted for £55.34 for the parking and I thought it was the best deal Holiday Extras could offer me. So I booked and paid for the parking.

Today, out of the blue, I received some emails from some discounts websites offering deals for airport parkings. So I was curious to see how much my airport parking would be if I book it now. I went back to the Holiday Extras website and typed in the same information for the airport parking. When the website gave me a list of options for the parking, I was rather annoyed and shocked to see the parking that I paid for a month ago has become £7 cheaper now. I just couldn’t work out how this happened. The parking charge was supposed to be more expensive when it got closer to the due date. But in this occasion, the parking is more expensive to book sooner than later.

I contacted Holiday Extras to express my frustration. I was told very briefly by Holiday Extras that the parking charge changes in daily basis (which I can understand), but I didn’t get an explanation of why the parking charge has become cheaper now than 4 weeks ago. Basically, what is the point to book a parking earlier if I can get a cheaper deal later? I told Holiday Extras that it was the first time I booked a parking with them, and I will not book with them again in the future.

So, while Holiday Extras is advertising its business as ‘hassle-free’ and gives ‘huge savings’, there is NO such savings after all! Don’t bother to use these people, be warned and be aware!!