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How pathetic and useless can PayPal really be, honestly?

Posted on Friday 2nd December 2011

Following on from a thread that I posted on MoneySavingExpert.com about an unpleasant experience with a buyer who uses PayPal to force me to issue her a full refund. Now I have a proper ‘head to head’ battle with PayPal, the experience is even worse.

Cut the long story short, I will just point out the stupid and hopeless things that PayPal has done to me here.

1. Soon after I received the returned item from my buyer, I discovered the item was damaged and filthy, so I contacted PayPal to raise the issues. PayPal asked me to take the damaged item to a local police station and get a police officer to write a report of what damage was found on the item. The officer needed to use the station’s letterhead for the report and sign it, so that PayPal can see the description of the damage is genuine.

Do PayPal really think it is part of the police’s job to write down damage descriptions for a returned item?? This suggestion from PayPal makes no sense or whatsoever. I did visit a police station at one point, and the police officer basically said it was a civil matter, nothing to do with the police. I knew that’s what I was going to get from the police, flipping stupid PayPal!

2. I told PayPal I couldn’t get a police officer to give me a report of the damage on my item, so PayPal decided to tell me to ring 101 from my home phone, so that I could speak to a regional police call centre to ask for a crime number???

Since when PayPal believe a returned damaged item is a crime?? I started to think people who work for PayPal have no brain at all!!! Anyway, to keep PayPal satisfied, I rang 101 from my home phone, and the person answered my call said he could not issue me a crime number. All I could get from the call centre was an incident number. I was extremely furious after the phone call. I sent an email to PayPal with the details of which police station I went to, who I spoke to and the only incident number.

3. 4 days later, I received another email from PayPal telling me to report the matter to the police and supplying PayPal a crime/incident number.

I sent a stroppy email to PayPal saying I have already told them I went to a police station and submitted an incident number days ago. I also told PayPal on the email that if they did not have a system to record what has received from me, they better go and upgrade their computer system now. That email from PayPal really wind me up!

4. PayPal emailed me a claim form yesterday asking me to complete the form and return it back to them in 3 days. At the bottom of the form, it says ‘sign here’. But within the email, there is no indication to say how to return the form back to PayPal, especially when they asked me to sign the form. I emailed PayPal to ask the question, but I have no reply at all, so I thought I could just fill in the form and email it back to complaint-response@paypal.com. 24 hours after I emailed the form, I received a reply from PayPal saying they do not accept the form via email. The form has to be signed, either fax to PayPal or upload it to my PayPal account.

I just felt I really have enough here, so I wrote them a letter to say if the form has to be faxed back, perhaps it should have mentioned on the email in the beginning. Furthermore, no email related to the form from PayPal indicates their fax number. So they only accept the form signed and faxed back to them, but they don’t give me the fax number. The service is utterly poo of the poo!!

Do PayPal really know what they are doing there? How pathetic and useless can they really be??

I just can’t wait to see what PayPal is going to do to me next…

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