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Incomplete circle after a trip to Marrakech

Posted on Sunday 8th March 2015

I have done fair amount of travelling in my life so far, but I have never felt incomplete as I do now after a trip to Marrakech.

It is hard to explain. Something happened to me while I was in Marrakech, it really makes me feel ashamed and sorrowful.

On the second day of my trip in Marrakech, I was walking back to my ryad after an evening meal in the old town. It was about 10 o’clock at night. As I have heard some negative stories about Marrakech, so I was kind of trying to walk back to my ryad as quick as possible. While I came to a road called Boulevard Fatima Zahra, there was a section which was quite dark. Suddenly I saw a little girl who was in a white three quarter coat came forward to me from somewhere, she started to say something in French to me.

As my intention was to get back to the ryad quickly, so I did not stop for this little girl, I walked pass her without saying anything. But soon after I walked pass this little girl, a picture of my 4 years old niece suddenly appeared in my mind. At that moment I started to realise this little girl was probably in the same age as my niece, although I did not know what she said to me, I could only guess she was asking for some money or so. I feel really bad and upset with the way I acted, I just ignored her and walked away from her.

Based on the age this little girl reminds me of my niece. I keep on thinking why she was wandering on a street at that time of the night. I was sad to see this little girl, in such a young age, needed to go out on a street asking a stranger for money. And to make me feel even worse I just ignored her then walked pass her. She is only young she must wonder why this stranger (me) was so mean to her.

I know she must be following her parents’ instructions to ask strangers for money. Obviously she is too young to know what is right and what is wrong. All she knows is to do whatever her parents tell her to do. I can imagine she must need a huge encouragement to walk to a stranger on a street asking for money. It really breaks my heart to see such incident and to have it happened to me. I just cannot stop thinking of this little girl.

I believe it must be fate to make me meet this little girl at that night. I regret deeply that I should have stopped walking, talked to her and given her some money, so at least she could believe this world was bright. She is only a young child, she doesn’t yet need to know the reality of this world and the truth of human race.

And now, I feel incomplete here, I feel I should go back to Marrakech to complete what I did not do there. I really do hope when I go back to Marrakech next time (hopefully next few months) I can see this little girl again.