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Nightmare before Christmas…

Posted on Sunday 3rd December 2006

I have had an Audi A4 for some years now, the car itself is lovely to drive but the dealership is pathetic and crap!!

The latest problem I have with the dealership is I took my car to an Audi Centre twice to try to fix a temperature gauge, in both ocassions the centre failed to locate the fault and fix the gauge. It was unbelieveable and ridiculous! Anyway, when the centre finally found where went wrong, I demand the job should cost me nothing especially after I have booked 2 days off from work for this. The centre at first refused to do the job for free but I have got Audi UK to be involved, so after 2 and a half days my car was finally fixed and delivered to me free of charge.

You must think that at least my car is now working fine but the trouble and hassle that I get from the centre are unacceptable. I am really pissed off with the centre that they failed to locate the problem twice before especially when they put their labour charge at £85 + VAT per hour. I mean I pay such a high premium rate but all I get is a crappy unreliable service. How can I not make a big deal about it??

At the end of the day, I have been to 3 different Audi Centres and they are all the same. They are all unreliable, shite and of course always try their best to rip me off!!!

Thank you for reading this!