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A company simply doesn’t care, that’s how I see Print24

Posted on Friday 6th December 2013

I placed a SMALL order with Print24 a week ago. I chose to use this company simply because they offered me a cheaper production cost, but now I know why – buy cheap, get very cheap!

I ordered 100 A5 16pp brochures with Print24 and requested the brochures to be delivered to me within 6 working days.

Two working days before the delivery was due, I received an email from Print24 saying they could not meet the deadline, the delivery would now be 1 working day late. I wasn’t happy about the late delivery, but I had no option here as I had a mailing deadline to meet for the brochures, it’s too late for me to find another printer to do the brochures from scratch.

I waited until the brochures were eventually delivered to me. Then when I started to prepare the brochures, I noticed the total quantity didn’t seem right to me, so I started to count the brochures one by one (luckily it was only 100 brochures!), I discovered there were only 87 brochures delivered to me – 13% of my order was missing. I was well pissed off by then.

I took some photos of what I have received here and sent them to Print24 on an email to explain the problem. I told Print24 that I required to mail out the 100 brochures by Friday 6 December. And because of the late delivery, I had no other option to fix the problem. I asked them for a full explanation of why I did not receive what I have ordered.

Few hours later, Print24 wrote back to me to say,

Our Customer Care has looked into your case and has concluded that we can offer you 25% refund of the order as printing credits or a reprint due to the delay and under delivery. Please let us know by the 13.12.2013 how you wish to proceed in regards to our offer.

No apology or whatsoever for the cockup, and also no explanation of why they didn’t send me the full order.

The refund will be given as print credits, what makes Print24 think I will use them again after they have let me down in such a bad way. I just cannot believe Print24 has the cheek to give me such offer.

Anyway, I told Print24 the whole job was no good to me, therefore I rejected the whole order and seek for a full refund. I originally planned to mail out ALL 100 brochures by the deadline for overseas mails, but there is just not enough of brochures to mail out. In the end, I did not send any brochures out and all brochures have became not to fit for purpose.

I did question myself why I didn’t receive what I ordered. It was not a huge order, and Print24 has already set the quantity options of 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 & so on for its customers to choose. So how could Print24 still manage to send me an odd number of 87 brochures which don’t fall onto the 50 or 100 option?? It just shows how much Print24 cares about its customers’ order. From what I can see so far, Print24 is a company which simply doesn’t care at all.

I feel that it is important to mention my awful experience with Print24 here, so whoever wants to use Print24 can be aware of what kind of company they are dealing with.

Be warned, watch out and don’t get caught SHORT of your prints!



Print24 runs a ‘Receive up to £ 40.00 for your Evaluation!’ campaign which encourages its customers to write a personal review of the company’s products, services, etc. and get paid!

Print24 does say the review can be either positive, negative or neutral. But how many customers would think they will have a chance to receive a £40 print voucher from Print24 by giving the company a negative or neutral review?

Get paid to write a review? No wonder why I see so many good reviews about Print24.