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Rip off on eBay

Posted on Friday 13th April 2007

I believe many of you have sold or bought things on eBay, and while some of you have found a good bargain, the others have ended up with nightmare and headache…

My latest bad experience from eBay is that I have won an auction for a mobile phone memory card on Thursday evening 12 April 2007. On the auction, the postage cost was shown £4.99 so I thought I could offer something upto £25.50 for the card itself. At the end of the auction, I won the item. In one second I was very pleased cos I thought I have won a bargain, but then next second I realised I have been ripped off!!!

The seller has charged me VAT on top of my offer, so while I was expecting to pay £30.50 in total for the whole thing, I have now been asked to pay £35.84 instead. It is completely a dodgy trick!! Furthermore, when I was trying to workout all the charges, I discovered I was charged £5.86 for the postage, it is only the 1st Class Recorded Post. I am well not impressed with the seller. £5.86 to deliver a small mobile phone card by 1st Class Recorded Post, the seller must be taking a mickey here!

The seller (eBay ID emartbuy) runs a business in birmingham and he has a business website too. He charges £2.35 to deliver the same memory card on the website, but on eBay he charges me £5.86.

I sent eBay two messages to report the problem. I explained to eBay I was just a normal consumer in the UK. I knew I needed to pay VAT, but I would expect that was INCLUDED in my final offer, not added on top afterwards. I also reported that the seller has over-charged me for postage. I have checked with Royal Mail. A thing like a mobile phone memory card costs no more than £2.00 to be sent by 1st Class Recorded Post. The whole thing is just a complete rip off!

If you are going to buy something from this seller on eBay, my advice to you is to forget it, go somewhere else!!