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Secret behind the Royal Mint Kew Garden 2009 50p coins…

Posted on Tuesday 7th March 2017

It has been 7 years since the Royal Mint issued a commemorative 50p coin for the Kew Garden. These coins are labelled as the rarest coin in the UK and claimed only 210,000 were minted. 7 years down the line, many people are still fighting for these 50p coins on eBay and other auction sites. I think on one occasion, I saw a single Kew Garden 50p coin was sold at £125 on eBay, that is 250 times of the face value. I hope that was a ‘genuine’ sale!

While many people are spending their hard-earned money on this specific coin, what happens if these 50p coins turn out they are not as rare as some people have claimed and if the mintage is a lot higher than 210,000.

I have to say the whole thing is very ‘misleading’. The 210,000 coins is not the only mintage figure for the Kew Garden 50p coins. Apart from the normal circulated coins, the Royal Mint also produced the Kew Garden 50p coins in proof, Silver, Silver piedfort and Gold versions. Apparently 475,000 base metal coins were minted in the Kew Garden design, a further 22,500 coins were minted in Silver and 1,125 coins were minted in Gold. So the Royal Mint has minted and issued a grand total of 498,500 Kew Garden 50p coins.

Here is a breakdown of the mintage.

1. General Circulation: 210,000
2. The 2009 UK Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Collection: 100,00
3. The 2009 UK Brilliant Uncirculated Coin: 50,000
4. The Kew Gardens Philatelic Numismatic Cover: 20,000
5. The 2009 UK Standard Proof Coin Set: 20,000
6. The 2009 UK Deluxe Proof Coin Set: 15,000
7. The 2009 UK Executive Proof Coin Set: 5,000
8. The 2009 UK Baby Gift Pack: 50,000
9. The 2009 UK 40th Anniversary 50p Base Proof Collection: 5,000
10. The 2009 UK Kew Gardens 50p Silver Proof Coin: 7,500
11. The 2009 UK Silver Proof Set: 7,500
12. The 2009 UK Four Coin Piedfort Silver Proof Collection: 2,500
13. The 2009 UK 40th Anniversary 50p Silver Proof Collection: 2,500
14. The 2009 UKSilver Piedfort Proof Coin: 1,000
15. The 2009 UK Family Silver Proof Collection: 1,500
16. The 2009 UK Kew Gardens 50p Gold Proof Coin: 1,000
17. The 2009 UK 40th Anniversary 50p Gold Proof Collection: 125

Total mintage: 498,500

Here it is, the secret behind the Royal Mint Kew Garden 2009 50p coins…


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