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Something from Facebook

Posted on Wednesday 26th March 2008

A person who went to the same school as me posted a blog on facebook yesterday. I totally agree with what he wrote and I’m glad to know that someone out there feels the same as me. Here is what he wrote:

love isn’t something you can control. it’s something that shows up at your doorstep in an instance and can leave as fast as it came. but when we have love we have to hold onto it for as long as we can. and yes it’s going to hurt like hell and your going to wish you never fell in love with them. love is going to be crazy and wild and painful and your going to be scared alot but thats what love is all about. facing your biggest fears.

I have added a comment to his blog like this:

Where there is love, there is pain! Even though we are all still chasing for it everyday. Just because we are boys, we can still be as sensitive as girls, and maybe more. I’ve been there and done it by the way…