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The Rarest 50 Pence Coin in the UK’s History

Posted on Tuesday 28th March 2017

Not many people know and realise, the rarest 50 pence coin in the UK’s history is not the 2009 Kew Gardens 50 pence, but another coin which was produced by the Royal Mint 25 years ago.

In 1992, the Royal Mint has designed, produced and released a 50 pence coin to mark the UK’s Presidency of the Council of Ministers and completion of the Single European Market. The coin has a dual date of 1992-1993 on and it was designed by Mary Milner Dickens featuring a conference table seen from above, around which are 12 chairs for the Council of Ministers. Only 109,000 of this coin were minted for circulation, around half of the Kew Gardens 50 pence coin.

This 50 pence coin can no longer be found in circulation, it is because it was one of the larger, heavier 50p coins that was withdrawn from circulation in 1997, then demonetised in 1998. So it is not just the super low mintage makes this coin rare, but also most of the 109,000 coins did not survive after 1998.

Without a doubt, the 1992-1993 EC commemorative 50p coin should be crowded for the rarest 50 pence coin in the UK’s history. Seeing the UK is leaving the European Union, this coin certainly is the one that is well worth to be collected and kept.

Be one of the ‘less than’ 109,000 owners of this extraordinary rarest commemorative 50 pence coin today!