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Utterly rude Lufthansa staff topped with incredibly bad customer service

Posted on Thursday 14th August 2014

What goes around, comes around…

Some years ago, I flew to Hong Kong with Lufthansa, it was the first time I ever flew with Lufthansa. On the return flight, my little brother and my dad were with me on the same flight. When 3 of us checked in at the Hong Kong airport, we were told that our luggages were 6 kg over between us, as a result we were asked to pay HK$2,052.00 (£160) for the extra weight.

I politely asked the ground crew if she could let us go through without paying the extra charge. The crew called another staff over and explained to the other staff what happened. This staff, later I discovered she was a supervisor and her name is ‘Ivy Pui-Yee Poon’, said to 3 of us loudly that “your tickets are cheap tickets, therefore you will have to pay extra once you are over the limit. You know very well where you got your cheap tickets from”. It was a very embarrassing but unnecessary experience. I will never forget how this supervisor insulted us in front of other passengers at the Hong Kong airport. Since then I have not flown with Lufthansa again.

The reason why I am telling this story/experience here is because I did a price check on a comparison website today for a flight to Hong Kong this December. Within this website, I found a flight with a big Swiss Air logo saying £460.00. When I read further, apparently this flight with a big Swiss logo is operated by Lufthansa. I then checked on another flight which is operated by Swiss Air, it costs over £700.00. So now my memory reminds me, some years ago a Lufthansa supervisor yelled at me saying my flight ticket was a cheap ticket, and funny enough this is exactly what Lufthansa is selling today to attract passengers. Even Air France sells their tickets over £800.00 for December. The travelling time is a week before Christmas, it simply shows that Lufthansa must be so desperate for some businesses. What a shame!

What goes around, comes around… Lufthansa truly does not deserve any customers. A company is run by a bunch of rude disgraceful staff who think they own the company!